I am Kristjan Kaskman, a people management trainer

Organizational management teaches how an organization works and what needs to be done. Process management is taught to specialists so that things can be done quickly, correctly and safely.But how to get PEOPLE in the organization to follow the processes in their work and achieve the organization’s goals?

About Me

The main task of a leader is to listen to understand others!

There is a suitable tool for every job.

Just as there is no good universal tool for all jobs, there is no universal leadership style either. The main task of a leader is to find the best leadership style for a specific situation in order to achieve the desired goals.

The biggest prerequisite for managing people is knowing them and winning their trust.

Every work must have a reason and meaning, then it is done with greater dedication.

The work environment has almost twice as little influence on the employee’s commitment as the leader.

My services

The question is not about the acquired knowledge and skills, but about their immediate use for purpose.

Leadership trainings

Managing people is the biggest challenge, which is often different from the management lectures learned in school. Successful people management requires small steps, but systematic work.

Cyber awareness trainings

Cyber security has become an integral part of our lives like driving a car. At the same time, the lack of basic knowledge and skills is a threat not only to the person but also to the organization.


The bicycle can always be reinvented, but it’s usually a long and painful process. Bringing in the experiences of others can help you deal with your worries and challenges. Consultation helps to save time.

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