Leadership consulting​

There is a difference between change and change

Simplicity and flexibility are the basis of successful management. We live in a changing world, but do we still have to react to every change? Maybe we will take note of the change, but we will continue as before.

On the other hand, there are situations that require immediate reaction and action. The organization itself may need to be changed or transformed, because the current system is not functioning and is not sustainable.

Flexibility and adaptation​

Flexibility does not mean sailing according to the direction of the wind, but moving in the direction of the desired goal, taking into account the wind.

Flexibility means being ready for change, not just reacting to it. These are two different approaches and require quite different actions from the organization.

The foundations of leadership success
  • Clear goals and work plans where everyone knows exactly their role in the success of the organization.
  • Simple and clear processes that help to quickly react to changes
  • A well-thought-out and functional structure that ensures optimal resource use
  • A clear communication system to ensure the necessary information to all parties and in a timely manner
Juhtimise konsultatsioon

How costly an ineffective meeting can be!

When should you think about a leadership consulting?​​

Worldwide, according to research, only 15% of employees are fully committed to their work. This low figure burdens companies and causes a huge drop in productivity.

You have identified deficiencies in the knowledge or skills of the employees in the organization. Employees successfully attend trainings, but nothing changes.

You feel that many things can be done faster and better, but all initiatives fall into a stalemate. People demand changes, but changes don’t work.

The HR department’s biggest challenge lately has been recruiting, because employees don’t stay on the job for long. It hasn’t happened before.

A lot of time is spent on meetings, but the work is unfinished and the goals are not met. Finding a suitable time for a meeting is a headache in itself.

The workload and tasks are getting overwhelming. The purpose or meaning of the activity begins to disappear. And you are not the only one in the organization.

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