Leadership trainings

Are you struggling with continuous recruitment and keeping employees at work? Do meetings tend to drag on, and eventually, a new meeting time is agreed upon? Are your strategies and action plans not working? My leadership training can help you quickly. You need expert training from a practitioner to another practitioner.

According to the surveys, approximately one-third of employees would recommend their manager to others. Moreover, around one-quarter of the employees are willing to change jobs promptly due to their manager, even if the salary drops by 10%.

Statistically, only one-fifth of recruited managers possess the necessary prerequisites for managing people. However, the required skills and working methods can be learned. Being a leader is not a gift you are born with!

Standard trainings

Introduction to people leadership

Appraisal masterclass

Appraisal for practitioner

Situational leadership

Launch of an effective leader

One-on-one meeting master class​

Other training topics::

  • basic truths and application of crisis management
  • effective meetings and their implementation
  • preparation of action plans and their implementation
  • effective team management

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