„If you don’t have time to do things right, when do you have time to redo them.“ John Woo

Consultation is not just giving advice

The purpose of the consultation is to DETECT OBSTACLES that interfere with moving forward, and helps to find a way to resolve the situation.

Even the most progressive leaders and organizations can have trouble seeing the big picture. One is simply very focused on specific activities and due to the heavy workload, some things are missed.

Experience cannot be bought

The question is first of all about money. To solve a very specific problem, it is often more useful to use an experienced consultant than to hire an employee.

Finding a new employee is a long and complicated process that is expensive. In most cases, bringing in a consultant will end up being more affordable than waiting for a new employee to arrive.

What does a consultant do?
  • helps put together the big picture to understand the cause of a problem or obstacle
  • as an outsider, he/she can identify bottlenecks that otherwise go undetected
  • identifies additional organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • brings interdisciplinary experience and fresh ideas
  • finds connections and possibilities that have not yet been noticed
  • helps to find the best solution for introducing changes or development
  • helps find additional partners to help expand the business
  • focuses on identifying the problem and developing solutions
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Leadership consulting

The involvement of a consultant can be a last resort in the following situations:

    • employees leave despite a great work environment
    • goals remain unfulfilled, but the reason is unknown
    • customers are dissatisfied even though the service provided is the best in the market
    • the management model of the organization is not working as desired
    • information management does not work and information does not move
    • changes are needed and as soon as possible
    • the organization is deadlocked in its activities
Consultation in the field of training konsultatsioon

Trained employees are a guarantee of success for the organization. A training consultant will help:

  • identify bottlenecks in the organization’s training system
  • develop or create an organization’s training system
  • identify training needs and prepare a training program
  • choose and implement the best training platform
  • evaluate the effectiveness of trainings and implement a quality system
  • create a plan for the immediate implementation of the learning outcomes at work

If you have questions in the field of leadershipor training, let us know, we will find a solution together!

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