Training development consulting

An effective training system is the key to success

An effective training system turns training from an expense into an investment. The features of an effective training system are:

  • a functioning competence and career model
  • trainings develop competencies or solve problems
  • each employee has a plan for implementing what they have learned
  • trainings have measurable goals and learning outcomes
  • modern training environment – both physical and virtual
The organization's successful training model

An organization’s training model generally consists of five activities:

  1. identification of training needs
  2. creating courses and training programs
  3. creation of learning materials and tools
  4. conducting trainings
  5. evaluation of trainings

However, these activities must take place and function continuously.

Features of a successful training system​

A successful training system is like a great investment. Its features include:

    • each training has a specific purpose and meaning
    • there is a plan to implement what has been learned and managers support its implementation
    • employees already know before the training what is expected of them afterwards
    • admit a mistake, every training may not meet the desired goal, you have to find a new one
How to choose LMS

When should you think about a training consultation?

Peter Drucker has said that the manager and employees are the organization’s greatest asset, and by investing in their development, it is possible to contribute to both finding and keeping customers.

Employees are trained according to the results of satisfaction surveys and development interviews, but nothing changes. The situation is getting even worse.

Training costs make up a significant part of the organization’s budget, but it is not available to all employees because there is not enough of it.

Training customers or partners is a big challenge. It is financially costly and puts a significant burden on your own employees.

A few times a year, the entire staff needs to be trained on routine topics, but it is impossible to find a suitable time for the trainer and the employees.

The biggest headache is finding employees with specific competencies and training them. It is also difficult to do quick short trainings at the required level.

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