One-on-one meeting master class

„A good leader is benevolent and does not care about fame“ Sun Tzu

By investing 1.25% of your working time per employee, you will soon notice a significant reduction in the need for other meetings. You gain more time to perform your main tasks.

Up to 30% of employees are convinced that their manager really knows what they are doing.

A trustworthy atmosphere and a pleasant work environment are prerequisites for any successful management.

The effectiveness of team management largely depends on the trusting relationship between manager and employee.

To what extent can the manager create an environment where the employee can focus on the performance of his/her tasks.

It is mistakenly believed that communicating with an employee during a lunch break or casually in the corridor is enough to establish trust or solve ongoing work problems.

Training is helpful if:

  • employees do not meet deadlines
  • employees are on the verge of burnout
  • the manager does not have an overview of what is going on
  • lack of trust in the team
  • more flexibility is needed

The goal of the training is to give the manager the tools to conduct one-on-one meetings and use the results to create an atmosphere of trust and make the team more efficient.

  • the role of one-on-one meetings in management
  • meeting preparation and stumbling blocks in its implementation
  • meeting conduct and performance
  • follow-up activities and preparation of a work plan

Participant as a result of the training:

  • knows the role of the meeting in the daily management of the team
  • can prepare a meeting using templates and study materials
  • can conduct a meeting using templates and study materials
  • can plan post-meeting activities using templates and study materials

The target group of the training is managers of different experience, level and field.

The training lasts 4 academic hours as a contact training or as a virtual training in the Zoom environment.

Study group size 16 participants.


Virtual training

Training in the Zoom environment

Virtual training

520,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 32,50 € +VAT)

Contact training

Contact training at client

Contact training

600,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 37,50 € + VAT) Travel costs may be added to training outside Estonia

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(You can choose one or more answer options)
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