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There is a suitable tool for every job.

As in any field, it is important to use appropriate tools in leadership. This is the only way to achieve the desired results.

Leadership is not so much about being able to react to problems as it is about preventing them or being prepared for them.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all leadership situations, success depends on the flexibility of the leader and the size of the “toolbox”.

If you have questions, thoughts or challenges, let me know.
My trainings are not just trainings.

I have put my own knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the knowledge and experience of others, into my trainings.

In my trainings, you will not only learn how one or another theory or leadership style works. You will find out why it works and what you can actually achieve with it.

During the trainings, you will also have the time and opportunity to set up a plan on how to start using the acquired knowledge and skills immediately. This is how you immediately turn training into an investment.

It is important not only HOW but also WHY?

I am often asked to tell HOW to do things well. It’s a quick and tempting route, but it can quickly become frustrating. Solutions become easy when a person understands WHY things work. By understanding the real reasons for success and failure, it is possible not only to solve and prevent problems in the future, but also to foresee them in a new situation.

The magic of leadership sometimes lies in the ability to foresee problems and obstacles and develop excellent solutions for them


For example, how much of my available time today is taken up by my main favorite activities

People leadership trainer
Cyber awareness trainer

Work experience

A leader learns from every situation, and most of all from his own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Trainer, consultant and cyber security teacher
2019- ...

Superficiality and stereotypes destroy everything. Drawing conclusions into the backcountry of an unexamined problem is a fast track to the abyss of doom. Acting without thinking, you burn time and your resources pointlessly and irreversibly. Sometimes it’s worth taking time to find the end of the road.

Research and development advisor
2020- ...

If you have a bucket full of water, when you pour it over another, no more water will be created. It’s the same with people. If you don’t ensure succession and don’t take care of your employees, the result will be bleak at some point. Keep and develop your employees, and others will come to you.

Various positions in the Defense Forces
1996 - 2012

Every order is not subject to execution. The survival of a leader in a critical situation depends first of all on the team. Develop and support your team and no challenge is too much.

Chief of Staff of the Cyber Defense Unit at the Defense League,

Boys and girls with long braids are people too. Regardless of the field, the principles of successful leadership always work. There are no exceptions – leading the civilian and military worlds works the same way.

Training manager of international partners at Cleveron

Clear goals, agreed and simple processes and a functioning team overcome all mountains. By supporting employees and giving them freedom of action, incredible results can be achieved. 

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