Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

„A person cannot truly become more perfect if he does not help others become more perfect as well.“ Charles Dickens

Using the wrong leadership style can cause annual losses of around €6,500 per employee and the necessary goals will not be achieved.

The choice of leadership style depends, first of all, on the readiness of the employee to achieve the required result.

By adjusting your leadership style, you can achieve better results at lower costs.

There is no good or bad leadership style. Each leadership style is suitable for a specific situation and is most effective then.

The biggest question is how to choose the most appropriate leadership style? What criteria should be used to make a choice? The employee Performance Readines® will be decisive.

Situational Leadership® helps a leader achieve goals and develop a team.

By using Situational Leadership®, you will soon notice that your team can handle tasks much more independently.

Situational Leadership® is also a great tool to develop your employees and make them more independent.

Training is helpful if:

  • there is the desire to make the management of people effective
  • there is the need to achieve goals in any situation
  • the skills and personal characteristics of the staff are extremely different, but the goals must be achieved
  • there is the desire to use the best leadership style in any situation.

The goal of Situational Leadership®  training is to give the leader the tools and necessary knowledge to choose the appropriate leadership style in each situation.

  • Situational Leadership® Model
  • Employee’s Performance Readiness®
  • the choice of the appropriate management style and its effect on the employee’s performance
  • the development and regression of the employee’s performance 

As a result of the training, the participant::

  • knows the influence of the choice of management style on the effectiveness of achieving results
  • can determine the Performance Readiness® of the follower
  • can use the Situational Leadership® Model

The target group of the training is experienced and new managers, project managers and future managers.

The training lasts 13 academic hours as contact training or virtual training in the Zoom environment.

Study group size 12 participants.

Virtual training

Training in the Zoom environment

Virtual training

3120,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 195,00 € + VAT)

Contact training

Contact training in Tallinn or at client

Contact training

3250,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 203,12 € + VAT). Travel costs may be added to training outside Estonia

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