A successful leader pays attention to important details and, above all, appreciates the work of others.

Something new and interesting

Time is running out and goals are not being met?

The team is not motivated despite your efforts. You will spend a lot of time managing the team or assigning tasks to them. But you have no idea how to handle the situation.

A few years ago I felt the same and tried to do a lot myself. Soon I was stuck. Neither I nor the management were satisfied with the situation, and the team was also restless. A change was needed.

The solution was not difficult. We only had to change our habits and work organization a bit. I soon noticed that I have more time and the team is motivated and committed.

Our training shows you how to do this and you can start making changes right away. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because it’s just a cost and a waste of time.

How to gain control over the situation so that everyone enjoys it?

According to research, 70% of an employee’s commitment depends on leadership. In contrast, 34% of employees believe that a manager knows what they are doing.

In fact, it would be good to know that you have done everything to ensure that the team is 100% committed to own work, and you know what the team is doing. How to gain control of the situation? This is not rocket science, you have to start with the basics. An effective leader has two key qualities:

  1. All set goals have been achieved
  2. The team is satisfied and with long experience

In J.F. Kennedy's words, "Don't ask what the team can do for you, but ask what you can do for the team!"

What do you need to do to be an effective leader?

As already mentioned, two simple conditions must be met: achieving goals and keeping the team together. It’s easy to say and just as easy to say. You can prepare a plan for achieving goals. Four activities are enough to keep the team afloat:

  • get to know team members
  • talk about performance
  • require more
  • assign tasks to the team

And success is coming soon!

Turn training into an investment

Training is usually seen as a cost. Unfortunately, this often becomes a cost. Don’t be like others and put training to make money right away. All you need to do is do two things:

  • analyze how training improves your performance or why it is needed
  • draw up a plan immediately after the training on how to apply what you have learned

And we will provide the necessary tools for this in the training.

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We will find the best solution

In cooperation with you, we adapt the trainings to your needs. It is important for all of us to achieve the best results. You know best where the shoe squeezes.

The right training for you

You are unique. Your organization is unique and does not fit into a standard solution. Your training takes into account your needs and wishes.

Don't leave you alone

The training does not end with a certificate. We will be with you to the end. We will support you in the event of setbacks and share your success story. You deserve to be the best, and that’s what we want.

Don't wait, contact us

Together we turn trainings into investments.
Did you know that every hour an organization loses at least € 3.37 due to an unmotivated and non-committed employee, it makes an average of € 6,500 per employee per year.
Efektiivse juhtimisega saad selle kulu muuta kiiresti investeeringuks.
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