Leader development program

Why the leader accelerator program?​

You may feel that deadlines keep looming over your head. Perhaps the anarchy within the team has led to a feeling of being overwhelmed with responsibility and ultimately led to burnouts. Additionally, customer contracts are scarce, and when obtained, they prove to be unprofitable. 

However, in just 24 weeks, all the activities and responsibilities will be efficiently managed. You’ll have nothing to worry about regarding meeting deadlines as the team will work smoothly like a well-oiled rally car. Furthermore, the employees will be ready and enthusiastic to go scouting with you at any moment.

What do you gain from the accelerator program?

We promise that together, we will overcome difficulties. In 24 weeks, you will become a successful leader. We will stay at your pace, and every week we will help you reach new heights. With each passing week, you will gain more control over your success. The employees will rally behind you and would be ready to go through fire and water with you. You will not come back to the starting point after this journey, but you will bravely face new challenges with your team.

Leader accelerator topics

Topic 1

Before leading others, you have to get your own affairs in order.

It is best to lead by example.

Topic 2
Team management

Managing a team is like a jeweler's job, requiring precision and forethought!

You don't always have to do everything yourself.

Topic 3
Project and process management

A process is not a project and a project is not a process. If you don't manage them, you're in trouble.

Both are important in a leader's work.

Topic 4

Nothing happens without information.

The right information at the right time and for the right people ensures success.

Topic 5
Affiliate and target group management

If you want to be successful, know your target and stakeholder groups and consider their characteristics.

Training topics

  • training structure
  • introduction to the training environment
  • use of study materials and
  • participation in studies
  • instruction in the use of the necessary tools
  • rules of communication during training
  • assessment and completion
  • time management
  • coaching skills
  • delegation skills
  • stress management
  • conflict management
  • effective leader
  • management process
  • team leadership meetings
  • decision making process
  • situational leadership
  • action planning and situation control
  • project and process management in the manager’s work
  • project management
  • process management
  • the role of communication in management
  • principles of internal communication
  • public communication skills
  • sales skills
  • argumentation
  • stakeholders and target groups in the organization
  • working with stakeholders
  • working with target groups

Leader accelerator trainers

Kristjan Kaskman

  • Master degree study in organizational behavior
  • experience up to strategic management level
  • work experience in both the public and private sectors
  • developed a training system for two organizations
  • speaks Russian, English and German

Tõnis Mutt

  • MA in social philosophy and theoretical sociology
  • experience in international consulting
  • worked, among other things, as the company’s strategic marketing manager
  • great coaching experience
  • speaks Russian and English

Completing the Leader Accelerator Program.

The program lasts for 24 weeks, with one important sub-theme being covered each week. As a part of this, you have to independently go through the study materials and complete assigned work. Also, there is an opportunity to receive group coaching with the trainer.

At the first meeting, we will review the program and familiarize ourselves with the training environment. We will discuss the principles of using the materials and participating in the training program. In addition, we will explain how to use different tools and what the rules of communication are during the program. Of course, the evaluation and termination conditions will also not be left untouched.

Flexible learning

hours a week
hours in the program in total

You can choose to either follow the trainer in live sessions or study independently. Materials are available in the form of short videos or webinars, with the option to view recorded webinars. Independent learning requires completing review questions and assignments related to the material.

Independent exercises

hours a week
hours in the program in total

Independent work means applying what you have learned in your daily work. As a result, you may prepare a long-term work plan, make changes to work organization, introduce new work tools, and more. Weekly assignments help consolidate what you have learned.

Online grupicoaching

hours a week
hours in the program in total

Every week, there is a two-hour online coaching session in mini-groups, in which the trainer-consultant answers questions, helps find solutions to concerns, conducts individual or group exercises, and provides recommendations for further program completion.

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