Employee cyber hygiene

You keep your wallet and documents carefully, but what do you do with your data? Get over your laziness and let’s see how to protect your data easily and cheaply! Employee cyber hygiene training is the best and cheapest way to significantly increase cyber security.

Aren’t you worried about paying €150,000 for one cyber attack?

Doesn’t it bother you if your business is closed for several days as a result of clicking on a suspicious link?

Does it bother you that money disappears from your account when you pay suspicious bills?

98% of cyber attacks occur as a result of social engineering.

49% of successful cyber attacks are phishing emails.

Ransomware attacks against the industry have increased by 87%.

Cyber security can only be ensured by constantly working on it.

80% of cyber attacks are phishing emails and 90% of data leaks originate from phishing emails.

The apparent anonymity of people in cyberspace creates a sense of pseudo-security.

Cyber security is significantly cheaper when dealing systematically with the user.

One-off trainings will not improve the situation. Cybersecurity is achieved as a result of regular action, which must include measures to change habits.

Small online book “The physical world and cyberspace”. Are these worlds still so different?

The material is in both Estonian and English. If English is not visible, change the environment language.

The goal of the training is to introduce the participants to everyday cyber threats and self-protection options and its importance for both the employee and the organization.

  • development and methods of cybercrime
  • digital footprint
  • passwords and authentication
  • phishing emails and scams
  • protection against attacks
  • data protection, user rights and obligations

Participant as a result of the training:

  • knows the main operating principles and influence of cyber criminals
  • recognizes the most common attacks
  • knows how to act in the event of a cyber attack
  • knows the principles of the GDPR and his rights and obligations

The target group of the training is employees of organizations.

The training lasts 3 academic hours as contact training or virtual training in the Zoom environment.

The group size is 24 participants

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Starter package

Virtual training 450 € + VAT and contact training 600 € + km*

Package contents

* training for one group

* online knowledge test

Basic package

Virtual training 650 € + VAT and contact training 800 € + VAT*

Package contents

* training for one group

* online knowledge test

* two free video lectures on new trends in cyber attacks


Virtual training 850 € + VAT and contact training 1000 € + VAT*

Package contents

* training for one group

* online knowledge test

* two free video lectures on new trends in cyber attacks

* employee testing exercise.

* the price of contact training is valid for training in Estonia and at the customer’s location

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