Launch of an effective leader

Are you tired of constant emergency meetings and long working days? Why do you suffer this? Come to the training and together we will put together a plan on how to effectively organize your work and that of your team.

Are you ready to give up 30% of your turnover because your work organization is chaotic?

Doesn’t it bother you that about 34% of employees are ready to leave you for a manager and even for a lower salary?

Statistically, only 13% of employees are satisfied with the manager’s actions.


Looking for good leaders is common, but research shows that this is highly subjective.

It is much more important to look for effective managers. But who is an effective leader? What does an effective leader do better than just being a good leader?

Optimizing processes is only one part of effective people management.

The main task of the leader is to achieve and support the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Leader has to do this with a team of employees. Achieving the goals depends on how well the leader can organize their work.

About 1/3 of employees are convinced that the manager knows what the employee actually does. What about the other 2/3 of the staff? What do they do?

If the manager does not control the situation, the employees will look for alternative activities that generally do not lead to the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Training is helpful if:

  • staff turnover is high
  • achieving goals is a problem
  • staff are overworked
  • team functioning is difficult
  • employees have low commitment
  • team results are low

Content of the training "Launch of an effective leader "

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At the end of the training, the leader has the necessary knowledge, work tools and a primary plan on how to organize his/her and his/her team’s work effectively.

  • where does the leader’s time actually go and what takes it the most
  • purposeful activity as the main opportunity to act effectively
  • setting priorities
  • team involvement – how well you know your team
  • the role of one-on-one meetings in effective leadership
  • delegation of tasks and the role of the leader
  • coaching employees as one of the important opportunities in their development
    giving feedback

As a result of the training, the participant:

  • has a very clear view of where his/her time is spent
  • analyzes whether he/she has to do everyone’s previous activities himself or if he/she can involve others
  • understands the role of team engagement in achieving effective leadership
  • prioritizes its goals and activities both from the point of view of itself and the employees
  • knows the importance of delegation in effective leadership and knows how to apply it
  • understands the role of coaching in employee development and effective leadership
    can use the feedback model.

The target group of the training is future, beginners and experienced leaders from different management levels

The training lasts 8 academic hours as contact training or virtual training in the Zoom environment.

Study group size 16 participants.

The structure of the training "Launch of an effective leader "

Learning together

Learning is necessary to understand why and how something works or happens. Short theory passages between exercises and discussions contribute to the achievement of the training goal.

The theory part does not mean only the trainer’s narration. Addressing different viewpoints and stereotypes encourages participants to think along and share their views.

Learning together
Practical exercises
Practical exercises

The purpose of the exercises is to consolidate what has been learned. In doing so, concrete plans and solutions are prepared, which can be used immediately in your daily work. Essentially, at the end of the training, the work plan of an effective manager is completed.


It is important for the participants to receive initial feedback from the trainer and also thoughts from peers about their views. There are no right or wrong solutions. There are solutions that work better in a particular situation

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Virtual training

Training in the Zoom environment

Virtual training

1040,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 65,00 € + VAT)
leader, leadership, manager-2206099.jpg

Virtual haste

Training in the Zoom environment

Virtual hasty

In virtual training, it is possible to leave aside long exercises and acquire theory only in the style of active discussion

520,00 € + VAT/group (price per participant 32,50 € + VAT)
leader, leadership, manager-2206099.jpg

Contact training

Training at the customer

Contact training

1200,00 € + km/group (price per participant 75,00 €+VAT)

The price is valid for training in Estonia and at the customer's location

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